PR Pyranometer SP-LITE (Discontinued)

  • Highly accurate sensor Can be used under all weather conditions in all clear un obstructed natural daylight conditions
  • Complete Package Supplied with all necessary equipment to aid simple installation
  • Compatible with all Adcon Telemetry RTUs
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Manufactured by Kipp & Zonen, the SP-Lite pyranometer is a silicium-pyranometer that can be used under all weather condition for solar radiation (sunshine) measurement. It is designed for calculating evapotranspiration for precision irrigation purposes, for air pollution dispersion calculations, and for monitoring solar panels in energy production. Under clear and unobstructed natural daylight conditions, the SP-Lite compares favorably to ISO 9060-specified First Class Thermopile Pyranometers.

The SP Lite pyranometer uses a photo diode detector, which creates a voltage output that is proportional to the incoming radiation. The signal is then converted by the integrated Adcon amplifier to a 0-2.5V signal, compatible to all Adcon RTU's.

The solar radiation sensor is supplied with all necessary mast mounting equipment, two pipe clamps, and a shielded 2m cable with a 7-pin Binder jack, compatible to all RTU's of the A723 and A733 families.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: PR Pyranometer SP-LITE (Discontinued)

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Energy capture from the sun
Plant growth modelling


Sensitivity 100 &micrp;V/Wm²
Spectral Range 400 - 1100nm
Max. Irradiance 2000 W/m²
T.C. of Sensitivity +/- 0.15% /°C
Operating Temperature -30°C - 70°C
-22°F - 158°F