Decagon Echo2 EC20 Soil Moisture Probe (Discontinued)

  • Available in Two Lengths EC10: 10cm or EC20: 20cm
  • Low Power Requirement Low power makes the EC20 ideal for use with all types of RTU
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The Echo2 soil moisture probe is a capacitance type sensor which measures the dielectric constant of the soil in order to find its volumetric water content. It does this by calculating the rate of change of voltage applied to the sensor once it is buried in the soil. It is the only one of its kind to have a relatively low sensitivity to saline and temperature effects in the soil.

The Echo2 soil moisture probes have an exceptionally low power requirement making it ideal for use in conjunction with all types of Adcon RTUs. The output signal of the probe is directly related to the input voltage; it requires a voltage stabilizer interface when used with an Adcon RTU. These interfaces can handle up to three Echo2 probes.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: Decagon Echo2 EC20 Soil Moisture Probe (Discontinued)

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Soil moisture monitoring


Measurement Volumetric Water Content
Measuring Range 0 - 40% VWC
Frequency Used 5 MHz
Accuracy ±4% typical on low EC and medium-textured mineral soils, 1-2% with soil-specific calibration
Power Requirements 2.5 - 5V DC @ 3mA
Output Signal 0 - 2.5V, correlated linearly w/soil VWC
Length EC10: 10cm EC20: 20cm
Cable 5m, open ended. Cable feeds into the 200.733.911 Voltage Stabilizer Interface

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