PDCR 1830/1730 Pressure Transducers

  • Latest Generation Measurement The 1730/1830 provides latest generation high performance measurement for a fully submersible sensor
  • Ideal Long Term Solution Combination of high technology with reliable, accurate and economical level measurements completes the 1830 package
  • Ideal For Arduous Applications The 1730 series has been developed as a general purpose hydrostatic liquid level sensor to work in low powered, arduous applications
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A high accuracy pressure transducer for level measurement in boreholes, tanks, reservoirs and confined spaces

  • Ranges up to 600mH2O
  • Titanium or stainless body
  • 0.1% or 0.06% accuracy
  • 17.5mm diameter

Manufactured by: GE Druck
Model: PDCR 1830/1730 Pressure Transducers

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Groundwater & Boreholes
Surface Water