Solinst 105 Well Casing and Depth Indicator

  • One probe for both total well depth measurement and well casing depth indication.
  • Tape lengths up to 2000ft (600m)
  • Tapes are interchangeable with other Meters
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The 105 Well Casing and Depth Indicator is useful when determining where metal casing starts and ends in new or existing wells, hydrofracturing, and installing packers or other downhole instruments. The 105 uses a dual function stainless steel probe connected to a clearly marked flat tape, fitted to a well balanced reel.

The probe is able to detect well casing with it's strong internal magnetic assembly. When the probe is adjacent to magnetic metal a circuit is completed activating the buzzer and light. The signals stop when the probe is no longer near to the casing. A plunger at the bottom of the probe is used to measure total well depth, a light and buzzer are activated when the plunger reaches the bottom of a well. The depths can be read from the surface using the tape.

The 105 Well Casing and Depth Indicator features a non-stretch, accurately laser marked flat tape; so that depth can be read from the surface. The Laser Marked flat tape is corrosion and chemical resistant, and promises to hang straight as it won't adhere to wet surfaces due to its dog bone design.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst 105 Well Casing and Depth Indicator

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Measuring total well depth
Groundwater well installation
Detecting cracks in well casing
Installing telescoping well screen
Packer and downhole instrument installation
Confirming existing well construction
Decommissioning abandoned wells


Well Casing & Depth Indicator Specifications
Operating temperature of reel: -20°C to +50°C
Submerged operating temperature (tape/probe): -20°C to +80°C
Wetted materials (tape/probe): PVDF, Santoprene, Delrin, Viton, 316 stainless steel
Probe pressure rating: Submersible to 1650 ft. (500 m)
Probe weight: ~10 ounces (280 g)
Probe size: 7/8" dia., 7.6" long (22 mm x 193 mm)
Measurements: ±0.2 ft (0.06 m)
Reel IP rating: IP64 (dust and splash proof)
Power: Standard 9V alkaline battery