• New Generation Of High Sensitive Deepsea Submersible Sensors suitable for oil in water measurement
  • Max depth rating 6,000m
  • Suitable In Stationary Or Portable Applications
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The EnviroFlu-DS is the deep sea version of the EnviroFlu-HC. The EnviroFlu-DS is the innovative UV Fluorometer for PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) detection in waters down to 6000m deep. It is a highly sensitive deep seas submersible sensor for oil in water measurement.

The use of UV florescence has a much higher success rate than other existing detection methods, such as infrared scattering. The result of this is accurate detection of PAH in water down to ppb levels. The EnviroFlu-DS has been constructed out of titanium so it can withstand pressure at up to 6000m deep. A row of interfaces grant the easy integration in datalogging systems and sensor platforms in deepsea applications.

The EnviroFlu-DS is used for applications such as deepsea drilling, pipeline leakage detection, PAH tracing, petro industry and ROVs and AUVS.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: EnviroFlu-DS

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Light Source miniature Xenon-flash lamp with interference filter
Detector UV photodiode with interference filter
Detection Limits 0.1ppb (in pure water)
Interfaces RS232. 0.5 VDC, 4.20mA
Voltage 12.26 VDC
Construction titanium, water resistant plastic
Weight in Air 4.5kg
Size 80 x 414mm
Operation Temperature 0 - 40C
Depth Rating 6000m