MicroFlu-CDOM Fluorometer

  • Miniaturized Submersible Fluorometer for high-precision and selective CDOM
  • Long Term Stability
  • Combine With Bluetooth Battery Pack for the operation with PDAs or mobile phones
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The MicroFlu-CDOM is the innovative fluorometer for high precision CDOM (Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter, 'Yellowmatter', 'Gelbstoff') fluorescence measurements. Its compact design and long-term stability makes it ideal for yellow substance monitoring in lakes and rivers as well as all applications in water quality and waste water monitoring.

The MicroFlu's miniaturized design with long term stability makes this fluorometer extremely versatile and cost-effective. It can also be combined with a bluetooth battery pack Pocket-Power BT and the software Pocket-MSDA for operation with PDAs or mobile phones making it suitable for in-situ and field measurements.

Internal reference measurement of the emitted light compensates aging effects of the advanced LEDs, used for fluorescence excitation.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: MicroFlu-CDOM Fluorometer

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Light Source Ultra bright UV-LED (excitation: 370nm)
Detector Photodiodes with internal interference filter (emmission: 460nm)
Ranges 0.20 ug/l, 0.200 ug/l (other ranges on request)
Sensitivity 0.2 ug/l
Interface RS232 and one 0.5 V analogue output
Power Supply 5 - 15 VDC, max. 200mW
Construction stainless steel or titanium
Size 48 x 217mm
Depth Rating 500m
Connector SubConn Micro 5-pin, male
Calibration quinine sulfate
Weight in Air 0.7kg (stainless steel), 0.5kg (titanium)