MicroFlu-DS Fluorometer

  • Depth Rating water depths of up to 6000m
  • Titanium Construction sea water resistant for long-term stability
  • Innovative Miniaturized Design
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The MicroFlu-DS is a submersible fluorometer for high precision, selective fluorescence measurements in deepsea, with water depths of up to 6000m. This miniaturized design with long-term stability makes it ideal for both moored applications and installations on underwater vehicles such as ROVs and AUVs. It is completely constructed out of titanium so it can withstand high pressures when submersed upto 6000m.

Internal reference measurement of the emitted light compensates aging effects of the advanced LEDs, used for fluorescence excitation.

The DS version is also available in all 3 types of the MicroFlu range: MicroFlu-blue, MicroFlu-chl and MicroFlu-CDOM

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: MicroFlu-DS Fluorometer

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Light Source LED (wavelength depends on sensor type) output energy controlled by interal reference diode
Detector Photodiodes with internal interference filter
Ranges 0.20 �???�??�?�µg/L, 0.20 �???�??�?�µg/L (other ranges on request)
Interface RS232 (internal command interpreter for measurement control) and one 0.5 V analogue output
Power Supply 5-15 VDC, max. 200mW
Construction titanium, seawater resistant plastic
Size 60.3 x 290mm
Depth Rating 6000m
Connector SubConn Micro 5-pin, male