• Easy to Use check devices faster and reliably
  • Suitable For EnviroFlu and MicroFlu Fluorometers even the deep-sea versions
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SolidCAL solid secondary standards are for fast, reliable test and calibration checks of the UV-fluorometer EnviroFlu and the MicroFlu miniature fluorometers, especially designed for chl-A, CDOM or phycocyanin detection. This device has been constructed to ensure easy usage allowing you to check devices quickly and precisely. It can even be used directly at the installation place.

It is available for all EnviroFlu and MicroFlu devices, even the deep sea versions. Each SolidCAL kits includes a rugged transport box, 1-3 solid standards, cleaning solution and optical cleaning paper.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: SolidCAL

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Easy to use
No fluid chemicals
Available for both measurment ranges of EnviroFlu-HC
Available for EnviroFlu-DS
Available for all three types of MicroFlu
Available for MicroFlu-DS