Fischer Porter Primary Simulator 55XC4000

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The Fischer Porter Primary simulator is designed to check the operation of most Fischer Porter electromagnetic flow meters.

The Primary Simulator 55XC4000 simulates flow rate signals between 0 and 9.99m/sec in a one thousandth steps. Any arbitrary flow rate between 0 and 99.9% can be selected equivalent to a maximum flow velocity of 9.99 m/sec for simulator or calibration checks of a converter. A switch can be sued to select the flow direction, forward or reverse, and zero flow rate. A switch/button is used to check the common mode rejection, the signal inputs, as well as the operation of the binary inputs.

Light diodes are used to check the operating condition. 4mm sockets provide a means for accessing the output signals: data link, current, scale pulse and frequency outputs.

Accuracy of ±0.1% of rate.

The following electromagnetic converters can be connected to the connectors without adaptors:


  • 50X01000 COPA-XO, MAG-XO
  • 50XMM1000 COPA-Xm, MAG-XM (field mount and 19" unit)
  • 50CMM1000 COPA-CK, MAG-CM (field mount)
  • 50XH1000 MAG-XH (field mount and 19" unit)
  • 50SM1000 MAG-SM (field mount and 19" unit)
  • 50ES7000 F?LL-MAG (field mount and 19" unit)

An adaptor is required for the following converters:


  • 50XE5000/E4 COPA-XE, MAG-XE/(field mount)
  • 50XM2000 COPA-XM, MAG-XM (field mount and 19" unit)
  • 50CM2000 COPA-CM, MAG-CM (field mount and 19" unit)
  • 50XF1000/4000 COPA-XF

Manufactured by: ABB
Model: Fischer Porter Primary Simulator 55XC4000

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