GS868 Steam Flow Meter

  • Convenient Installation No pressure drop, easy installation, high accuracy and low maintenance
  • Two-Path Measurement For maximum accuracy two-path measurement is optional
  • Broad Range Of Measurement Measurement velocities capable from 2 in to 48 in diameter and velocities from 0.1 to 150 ft/s
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The GS868 flow meter from Panametrics is specifically designed for mass flow measurement of steam. It is suitable for use on most types of steam application including saturated or superheated steam, pneumatic power stations, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), water purification and distillation, chemical and petrochemical industries and more.

The GS868 steam flow meter is a complete package which offers wide rangeability, no pressure drop, easy installation, high accuracy and requires low maintenance.

The GS868 flowmeter has no parts which collect debris so therefore requires no cleaning. There are no moving parts to wear out so no lubrication is needed. As the transducers do not obstruct the flow, they will generally not cause any pressure drop.

Sending data to where it needs to go is easy with the standard or optional range of additional analog outputs and alarms. Outputs can be set up and calibrated by using the built in keypad or from a computer using the PanaView software.

Maximum accuracy can be achieved by using the two channel steam flow meter to measure two different paths at the same location. The two channel version can also be used to measure the flow in two different pipes.

Manufactured by: Panametrics
Model: GS868 Steam Flow Meter

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Saturated or superheated steam
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
Water purification and distillation
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Pneumatic power systems
Electric power generation


Fluid Types Saturated and superheated steam
Pipe Sizes 2 in to 48 in NB (50 mm to 1200 mm DN)
Pipe Materials All metals. Consult RS Hydro for other materials.
Flow Accuracy (Velocity) ±1% to 2% of reading typical
Accuracy depends on pipe size and whether measurement is one-path or two-path. Accuracy to ±0.5% of reading may be achievable with process calibration.
Repeatability ±0.2% to 0.5% of reading
Range (Bidirectional) -150 to 150 ft/s (-46 to 46 m/s)
Rangeability (Overall) 1500:1
Specifications assume a fully developed flow profile (typically 20 diameters upstream and 10 diameters downstream of straight pipe run) and flow velocity greater than 3 ft/s (1 m/s).
Measurement Parameters Mass flow, standard and actual volumetric flow, totalized flow, and flow velocity


Flow Measurement Patented Correlation Transit-Time mode
Enclosures - Standard: Epoxy-coated aluminum weatherproof Type 4X/IP66, FM/CSA Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C&D
- Optional: Stainless steel, fi berglass, explosion-proof, fl ameproof, ISSep 03ATEX113
Dimensions Standard: Weight 11 lb (5 kg),
Size (h x w x d) 14.24 in x 11.4 in x 5.12 in (362 mm x 290 mm x 130 mm)
Channels - Standard: One channel
- Optional: Two channels (for two pipes or two-paths)
Display Two independent software-confi gurable 64 x 128 pixel backlit LCD graphic displays
Keypad 39-key tactile-feedback membrane keypad
Power Supplies - Standard: 100 to 130 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 200 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- Optional: 12 to 28 VDC, ±5%
Power Consumption 20 W maximum
Operating Temperature -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)
Storage Temperature -67°F to 167°F (-55°C to 75°C)
Electronics (continued)
Standard Inputs/Outputs Two 0/4 to 20 mA isolated outputs, 550Ω maximum load
Optional Inputs/Outputs There are six additional slots available for any combination of the following I/O boards:
- - Analog outputs: each with four isolated 0/4 to 20 mA outputs, 1 kΩ maximum load
- Analog input board with two isolated 4 to 20 mA inputs and 24 V loop power
- RTD input board with two isolated, three-wire, RTD inputs; span -148°F to 662°F (-100°C to 350°C); 100
- Totalizer/frequency outputs: - Totalizer mode: Pulse per defined unit of parameter - Frequency mode: Pulse frequency proportional to magnitude of parameter (e.g., 10 Hz = 1 ft3/h)
- Alarm relays: - General purpose - Hermetically sealed
Digital Interfaces - Standard: RS232
- Optional: RS485 (multiuser)
- Optional: Modbus® RS485 or TCP protocol
- Optional: Ethernet
- Optional: OPC server
- Optional: Foundation fieldbus
Site Parameter Programming Menu-driven operator interface using keypad and soft function keys
Data Logging Memory capacity (linear and/or circular type) to log over 43,000 flow data points
Display Functions - Graphic display shows flow in numerical or graphic format
- Displays logged data and diagnostics
European Compliance Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC LVD (Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2) and PED 97/23/EC for DN<25 Wetted Ultrasonic Flow Transducers Temperature Ranges Overall range -190° to 450°C (-310° to 842°F)
Pressure Ranges - Standard: 0 to 2700 psig (1 to 187 bar)
- Optional: 3480 psig (240 bar) maximum
Transducer Materials Standard: Titanium or stainless steel
Transducer Mounting Flanged Port Spool piece or cold tap
Area Classifications - Standard: Weatherproof Type 4/IP65
- Optional: Explosion-proof Class I, Division 1, Groups C&D
- Optional: Flameproof II 2 G EEx d IIC T6

Additional Options

PanaView PC-Interface Software The DigitalFlow GS868 communicates with a PC through a serial interface and Windows® operating systems. Consult the manual for details on sites, logs and other operations with a PC.