Sentinel Flow Meter

  • Optimal Performance High transmission power enusres optimal performance under high flow conditions up to 118ft/sec
  • Simple Set Up Preprogrammed with all system setup information, which once installed does not require additional setup or configuration
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The Sentinel ultrasonic flow meter from Panametrics is specifically designed to measure the flow rate of natural gas.

The Sentinel meets the high accuracy standards of AGA9 for natural gas custody and the NMI pattern approval.

The T11 transducers for use with the sentinel are specifically designed for natural gas applications.

A complete Sentinel system is made up of the ultrasonic meter, the flow conditioner and upstream? and downstream piping. This system design eliminates the uncertainty associated with installation effects (distorted flow profile caused by valves, elbows and other piping system components) on the overall meter performance. This system provides a cost effective, simplified monitoring solution without causing any additional risk to measurement uncertainty.

The Sentinel flow meter provides convenient installation as the meters electronics are pre programmed with all the system setup information. The meter is ready to use as soon as the meter body has been installed and the meter communications and power are wired. The user does not have to do any additional setup or configuration of the meter.

The Sentinel system is compatible with Panaview software and allows communication between the meter and PC. The software allows live flow readings and diagnostics. The software also provides a comprehensive check on meter configuration with a full audit trail.

Manufactured by: Panametrics
Model: Sentinel Flow Meter

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Transmission and distribution
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