SITRANS FUE950 Heat Meter

  • Energy Calculations Suitable for energy calculations in district heating systems, combined cooling and heating applications and chilled water applications
  • Compatibility FUE950 can be used with FUS380, FUE380, MAG 5000, MAG 6000 and MAG8000
  • Long Battery Life Long battery lifetime of up to 16 years
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The SITRANS FUE950 is a universal thermal energy calculator, which has the MID approval for heat metering and meets EN 1434 requirements.It has been designed for means energy calculation in heating applications, chilled water applications and combined heating/cooling applications. The unit has a modular construction and can by order be fitted with optional modules depending on the application, and it can be used for flow rates up to 9 999.9 m3/h. The FUE950 been developed for use with the SITRANS FUS380/FUE380 and alternatively MAG 5000/6000.

With an easy-read 7-digit LCD display with associated pictograms for the various functions, which will always be configured for the application chosen, and for the selected display settings. In normal operation menu loop, the display will show cumulative current energy values.

The integrator has an IP54 plastic housing designed for wall or panel mounting. The housing comes with prepared rubber gaskets cable entries for fast and easy installation.


  • Prepared for heating, cooling measurement
  • Approval for MID for heat metering
  • Measured temperature range -10 to +190 °C (+14 to +374 °F)
  • High-accuracy thermal energy metering, meets EN1434 class 2 requirements
  • Instantaneous values for energy/volume flow
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Lithium battery with lifetime typical 12 years (depending on selected functionality up to 16 years)
  • Storage of volume and energy data
  • Optical data interface
  • Real date and time

Additional Functions

  • Leak detection function
  • Individual tariff functions
  • Advanced functions for cooling/heating applications or the combination
  • 24 months memory
  • Data logger function
  • Expandable add-on plug and play output modules
  • Communication over M-Bus or RS 232
  • Power save mode

Add-On Modules

  • Plug-in module with 2 extra pulse inputs
  • Plug-in module with pulse outputs for accumulated energy and volume or alarm signal
  • Plug-in module with combination of input and output pulses
  • Plug-in module for RS 232 communication
  • Plug-in module for M-Bus communicatio

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: SITRANS FUE950 Heat Meter

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  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


District heating applications
Combined cooling / heating applications
Chilled water applications


Measuring Range Qp ≤ 360000 m3/h (600000 GPM)
P ≤ 15000000 kW
Accuracy EN1434 Class 3, typical ± (0.5 + 3K/Δθ) [%]
Input/Output Input:
1 Pulse of flowmeter (always included)
2 Temperature input as PT100/500, 2 or 4-wire (always included)
2 Pulse input (optional)

2 Pulse or status (optional)
1 M-Bus (optional)
1 RS 232 M-Bus protocol (optional)
1 RS485 M-Bus protocol (optional)
2 current (4-20mA , passive) (optional)
Display 8-digit LCD display with associated pictograms/symbols
Enclosure IP54 (in accordance with IEC 529)
Power Supply Battery (3.6V Lithium D-cell type)
230 V a.c.
24 V a.c.
Temperature Input From -20 to 190 °C (-4 to 374 °F)
Ambient Temperature From 0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F)
Approvals MID (EN1434, heating) and PTB K7.2 (cooling)