• Integrated Transducer, 5 MHz
  • True Single Hand Operation
  • User Selectable Measurement Units
  • Environmentally Sealed to IP67 / IEC529
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The StressTel PocketMIKE is a general purpose thickness gauge. Combining both instrument and transducer in one compact package, the handheld PocketMIKE delivers simplicity and accuracy.

The PocketMIKE thickness gauge includes stainless steel housing that is environmentally sealed to IP67. This thickness gauge is waterproof and can withstand harsh environments.

This instrument has been kept simple with four button operation and automatic on-block probe zero. The display screen is backlit for ease of use and can be mechanically or electronically rotated for reading the display in any orientation.

Manufactured by: Panametrics

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Physical Size

100 mm High (4 inches)

35 mm Nominal Diameter (1.38 inches)

12 mm (0.5 inch) Probe Diameter

Weight 200 grams Battery
Power Source One 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery
Measuring Range

1.0 mm to 250 mm

(0.040 inches to 9.999 inches)

Displayed Resolutions

0,01 up to 99,99 mm, 0,1 above

(0.001 up to 9.999 inches, 0.01 above)

Operating Temperature

-10º C to +50º C

(14º F to 122º F)

Probe Surface Temperature

-10º C to +100º C

(14º F to 212º F)