Water Flow Meter 50-500mm

  • Long Operational Life Resulting from low rpm turbine and superior construction materials
  • Quick 2-Day Delivery
  • Hydraulic Performance Performance conforms to Class B of EEC Standards
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A full bore, helix Woltmann type water flow meter suitable for cold water with interchangeable mechanism-dry dial. The impeller which is of modern design, rotates on stainless spindles mounted in the measuring chamber.

The impeller is made of self-cleaning synthetic resin. The helix aligns with the pipe axis. The complete metering unit is easily removable from the meter body and is designed to ensure high flow-rate with the minimum headloss.

The gears and the totaliser operate under vacuum in a dry compartment, only the helix is submerged in the water. The transition is achieved through a corrosion-proof permanent magnetic drive which is protected by the cast iron meter body from from external magnetic forces.

Versions available for both cold (30°C) or hot (90°C) water complete with pulse output.


  • The straight reading register operates in a dry compartment, which is under vacuum conditions. As a result the register always remains perfectly clear. Easy reading in any working conditions are ensured.
  • Long operational life thanks to low rpm turbine and superior construction materials.
  • A suitable shield protects the magnetic drive against any interferences from external fields.
  • The hydraulic performance conforms to Class B of EEC standards.
  • Meter is supplied complete with couplings and may be installed in the horizontal or vertical position

Manufactured by: Delta Flowtech
Model: Water Flow Meter 50-500mm

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Measuring total volume of potable water through pipes