Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer

Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer

  • Eco-Friendly Requires less material to produce resulting in less waste and cost to the environment
  • Reliable Produced from durable and rigid PVC
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RS Hydro are distributors of the Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer, this bailer has been cleverly designed to collect floating hydrocarbon product from a monitoring well without the need to remove any water. A ball which has been specifically designed to float in water but sink in hydrocarbons is used to capture the sample and then securely hold it in the bailer body until retrieval.

The Clear PVC Hydrocarbon EcoBailer is available in 1.5" diameter X 3' length and is faster sinking than polyethylene bailers whilst the user can inspect samples through the durable and rigid PVC which ensures stability when used.

Manufactured by: ETP
Model: Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer

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Product Number Description Volume per Unit Units per Case
ECOPVC–151H 1.5" x 1' Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer
345 ml
ECOPVC–153H 1.5" x 3' Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer
1025 ml
ECOPVC–154H 1.5" x 4' Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer
1365 ml