Groundwater Monitoring Equipment Suppliers

RS Hydro offer an extensive range of groundwater monitoring equipment and supplies including pumps, inertial pumps, air pumps, peristaltic pumps, double valve pumps, gas pumps, groundwater sampling equipment such as low-flow sampling instruments, water quality meters, water level meters, water level dataloggers, tag lines, piezometers, Solinst multi-level monitoring systems and other groundwater remediation equipment and solutions. RS Hydro are the UK's best total solution supplier for groundwater monitoring equipment solutions using either cost-effective or leading edge technology. RS Hydro offer sales, rental, training and installation services.

Solinst Data Loggers and Telemetry

Solinst are regarded as one of the most respected water level and groundwater monitoring equipment manufacturers. In the UK & Ireland, RS Hydro are the sole supplier of all Solinst groundwater instruments. Solinst leveloggers can be found in almost every equipment store up and down the country, home and abroad. The Levelogger Edge from Solinst is now un-matched from a price-performance point of view. Backed up with a 3-year warranty and a 10-year battery life, why would you choose anything else...

Groundwater Water Level & Interface Meters

Solinst water level meters feature durable, laser marked (1mm) cable and tapes, convenient and easy-to-use reels, and full unit repairability. Solinst invented the first commercial water level meter and out-sell all other water level meter manufacturers. The dip meters are ideal for use in rugged environments, excellent for well drillers and environmental field studies for determining depth to static water level, oil/water interface, profiling temperature and conductivity, and for measuring total well depth. Solinst manufacturer a range of oil/water interface meters and level/temperature/conductivity dip meters.

Multi-Level Systems and Remediation

Solinst Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring Systems are engineered to provide detailed, accurate subsurface data for high resolution site interpretation and assessments, resulting in more effective, and less expensive remediation. Solinst also offers an effective bioremediation enhancement option for cleaning up contaminated groundwater.

Drive-Point Piezometers

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers provide easy to install wells for long or short-term monitoring applications. Piezometers can be pushed into suitable sediments, or installed with a drill rig for accurate vertical profiling. Drive-Point Piezometers are ideal for initial site investigations and geotechnical studies, and help determine the optimum placement of permanent piezometers or remediation equipment.