Abyss Controller for Low Flow Sampling

Abyss Controller

  • Choice of Power Sources Can be powered either by solar or battery
  • Simple to Use Powerful results whilst being simple to use
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The Proactive Abyss Controller has been specifically designed and engineered to work with the Abyss DTW 220ft high performance pump. The Abyss Controller 1 has the ability to shut the Abyss pump off when water levels reach a desired increment where the shut off probe is set.

The Abyss pump and Abyss Controller 1 are the perfect combination for Pump tests, Well evacuations, Storm water sampling and pump and treat systems. It is very simple to use and once set up can be left to do the rest.

A great feature of this controller is the option to install an external float in a large tank, once the tank is full the float will automatically activate shutting off the controller, therefore shutting the abyss pump off.

Manufactured by: Proactive Environmental Products
Model: Abyss Controller

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Pump tests
Well evacuation
Storm water sampling
Pump and treat systems