Low Flow Controller With Power Booster 2.5 LCD Controller

Low Flow Controller With Power Booster 3 LCD Controller

  • Precise Control User has full control of water discharge
  • Constant Voltage Boosting Technology CVBT enables correct voltage to reach pump motors
  • Warranty 6 month part and labor warranty
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RS Hydro are stockists of the Proactive Low Flow with Power Booster 3 LCD Controller, this has been specifically designed for the Stainless Steel Monsoon. When using the Low Flow Sampling Controller the user can precisely control the water discharge, whilst the controller itself can monitor and regulate low flow sampling to as low as 40ml/min.

Powering this device in the field is no problem a simple connection to a 12 volt battery provides sufficient power for superb bumping.

The Low Flow Booster 3 LCD Controller has many great features these are

  • Easy to read LCD for precise control
  • Heavy duty steel weatherproof case
  • Advanced thermal overload protection
  • Engineered with reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage disconnect (LVD) at 10.75 volts (turns off controller or allows pump to pulsate)
  • Constant Voltage Boosting Technology (CVBT) allows the correct voltage to reach the pump motors
  • (2) 30 AMP safety fuse to protect electronics and user
  • 6 month part and labor warranty
  • 3 foot wire lead to battery clamps and 5 foot wire leads to pump connector
  • Ramp Up control dial
  • Steel handle for comfort and control

Manufactured by: Proactive Environmental Products
Model: Low Flow Controller With Power Booster 3 LCD Controller

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