Stainless Steel Sample Champ Pump

Stainless Steel Sample Champ

  • Able to Low Flow Sample Sample Champ can Low Flow Sample in accordance to EPA Low Flow Sampling guidelines
  • Reliable Handles higher levels of Turbidity
  • A pump in a league of its own!
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RS Hydro are distributors of one of the most simple yet efficient pumps on the market for the sampling and purging of groundwater, the Sample Champ is suitable for use in 2 inch or larger wells for long term groundwater monitoring.

The Sample Champ can be used as a purging pump and has the ability to Low Flow Sample in accordance to EPA Low Flow Sampling guidelines. Sampling as low as 10ml per minute from 200 feet or less is no problem, all is required is for the field technician to use Sample Champ Controller in conjunction with a disposable Low Flow Control Valve. The Sample Champ Controller has been specifically engineered for the Sample Champ being constructed of a heavy duty steel casing. The Controller has an easy to read LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Sample Champ Controller which makes adjusting and reading discharge rates very simple.

The Sample Champ is very light weight and eliminates the need for heavy bulky pumps and bladder pumps.

Over a period of long term use the motor may need replacing, this however is a simple process taking less than 30 seconds. The Sample Champ comes complete with one additional motor module which consists of the motor and seal and with a simple quarter turn twist the motor is installed and the pump is now back to being like a brand new pump.

Manufactured by: Proactive Environmental Products
Model: Stainless Steel Sample Champ

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