M Series - Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe

  • Optional Temperature Sensor operating temperature range is -166F to 158F (-110C to 70C)
  • Intrinsically Safe used in conjunction with certified electronics or zener barriers
  • True Absolute Humidity Sensor improves performance considerably
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The M Series Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probes, are used in conjunction with the Panametrics hygrometer connected by cable. The film thickness for the M series probe is critical to achieve quick results with excellent calibration stability. The use of an oxide film thickness can improve performance considerably exhibiting true absolute humidity, rather than relative humidity response. Operating temperature range is -166F to 158F (-110C to 70C) with a pressure range from 5000 psig (345 bar).

Advancements in moisture calibrations now allow probes to use flow, temperature and pressure measurements, traceable to NIST/NPL, to record accurate moisture concentrations. Measurement of water vapor pressure is easily achieved in both gases and liquids using the M Series probe. Cable length between the hygrometer and probe can be upto 2000ft. This allows the M series to avoid limitations providing easy installation and little to no maintenance,

Manufactured by: GE Panametrics
Model: M Series - Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe

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Natural gas
Industrial gas
Furnace gas/heating treating
Power generation
Air dryer


Temperature -166F to 158F
Flow Range

Gases: static to 10,000 cm/s linear velocity at 1 atm

Liquid: static to 10cm/s linear velocity at density of 1g/cc

Response Time Less than 1 sec in well-stirred oil or 10 secs in still air
Input Voltage 1 VAC, 77 Hz
Impedance Range 50 kS to MS depending on water vapor
Type Nonlinear negative temperature coefficent (NTC) thermistor
Operating Range -22F to 158F
Dew/Frost Point Calibration Ranges overall capability: 140F to -166F
Accuracy +0.9F overall