Portable Weather Station

  • Truly Portable Weather Station Only takes 5minutes to install
  • GPRS connectivity - view data online no software to install - fully automatic. Visit www.flowview.net
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The portable weather station from RS Hydro is a truly profession and portable monitoring station and can fit within a shoe-box.

  • Portable/lightweight
  • GSM modem option
  • Solar power option
  • Multiple applications

Specifically designed for ease of transportation, rapid deployment and quality of measurement. Once on site, the portable weather station can be deployed and collecting data in less than 5 minutes. Dis assembly is just as quick, allowing you to be packed and en-route to the next monitoring location without delay. Quality construction and an integrated solar-panel gives Nomad the independence required for prolonged operation in isolated or inhospitable environments.


  • Portable and lightweight construction allows for rapid system deployment
  • Quality external connectors toÃ??????Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã? IP68
  • Compact Flash expansion slot for prolonged monitoring applications
  • Integrated solar-panel/charger allows extended operation
  • Telemetry options include: radio and GSM/GPRS

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: Portable Weather Station

Services offered for this product

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Short-, medium- or long-term monitoring projects