EasyAG 50cm Soil Moisture Sensor (Discontinued)

  • Measuring Range 0-100% Vol
  • Accuracy +/- 0.06% Vol
  • Easy to Install Slim design makes these sensors fast and easy to install
  • Salinity Option Available To measure salinity as well as soil moisture, choose the EasyAG TriSCAN soil moisture sensor
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The introduction of the EasyAG series of soil moisture sensors from Sentek has given soil moisture monitoring a significant boost. Firstly, because EasyAG Sensors are very fast and easy to install (thanks to their slim design), and eliminate the need for the time-consuming augering job required by the bigger sensors. And secondly, the Easy AG range are significantly more attractive in price than their big brothers from the EnviroSMART series of products.

The soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture by sending an electromagnetic signal through sensors that are mounted at preset depths. Soil moisture is then derived from the resulting soils conductivity measurements. Currently the algorithms are available for light and sandy soils, while those for heavier soils are under development.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: EasyAG 50cm Soil Moisture Sensor (Discontinued)

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Soil moisture monitoring


Measuring range 0-100% Vol
Method HF Capacitance
Salinity ---
Accuracy +/- 0,06% Vol
Interface SDI-12
Lengths 50cm
Number of Sensors 5

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