SEN-R PRO HMP45A Relative Humidity Sensor

  • 0-100% RH Range Typical +/-2% RH
  • 0-1vdc output Ideal for low powered telemetry applications
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The SEN-R PRO HMP45A is Vaisala's top of the line relative humidity sensor. It conforms to the strictest meteorological requirements, in particular with respect to measuring relative humidity. Calibrated against factory references it can achieve accuracies of +2%rH in the critical range between 90% rH and 100% rH.

The Humicap® 180 sensing element is protected by a plastic cap and can easily be replaced. Maintenance is straightforward, and should field calibration be required the instrument can simply be taken apart and checked by means of Vaisala's Humicap® HMI41 Humidity Indicator.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: SEN-R PRO HMP45A Relative Humidity Sensor

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Supply Voltage 7 - 35 VDC
Current Consumption < 4mA
Operating Temperature -40°C - 60°C
-40°F - 140°F
Operating Humidity 0 - 100% rH
Housing Material ABS
Protection IP65
Connection Open ended
Relative Humidity
Measuring Range 0.8 - 100% rH
Accuracy at +20°C
From 0 - 90% rH
From 90% - max. rH
± 2% rH
± 3% rH
Temperature Dependence ±0.05% rH / °C
Long-Term Stability < 1% rH / year
Output Signal 0 - 1V
Sensor Element Humicap® 180

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