DPI 800/802 Pressure Indicator / Loop Calibrator (Discontinued)

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This product has been discontinued.

The 800/802 Calibrators range from 10 in H20 to 10,000 psi (25 mBar to 700 bar). They are available as single or dual range configuration, with IDOS (Intelligent Digital Output Sensor) pressure sensors that provide accuracies to 0.05% FS all-inclusive or 0.01% precision.

With a large backlit display, the 800/802 are menu driven and very easy to use - they can be operated with only on hand!

Operating temperature is 14-122 degrees F (-10 to 50 degrees C). Each unit is supplied with batteries, calibration certificate and user guide.

There are a wide range of DPI Calibrators available. Click here to see a comparison table that will help you define your requirement:

Manufactured by: GE Druck
Model: DPI 800/802 Pressure Indicator / Loop Calibrator (Discontinued)

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