Druck PTX1800 Series - PTX1830 / PTX1840 Pressure Transducers (4-20 mA output)

  • Pressure Range 0.75 mH2O to 600 mH2O
  • Accuracy +/- 0.10% full scale (FS) best straight line (BSL)
  • Intrinsically Safe Version Available
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The PTX 1800 Series of Druck pressure sensors provide an easy to use solution for the measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels. The titanium sensors are fully submersible and are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to improve ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Ranges from 0.75 mH2O to 600 mH2O
  • Titanium body
  • Accuracy ±0.10% full scale (FS) best straight line (BSL)
  • 17.5mm diameter
  • Full range of installation accessories

Manufactured by: GE Druck
Model: Druck PTX1800 Series - PTX1830 / PTX1840 Pressure Transducers (4-20 mA output)

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  • Installation
  • Calibration
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Waste water and remediation
Potable water
Tank level
Sea water


Pressure measurement
Operating pressure ranges PTX 1800 (mA)
Any zero based FS from 0.75 to 600 mH2O gauge and 3.5 to 600 mH2O absolute.
Other units may be specified, such as ftH2O, inH2O, bar, mbar, kPa, kg/cm2, psi
Overpressure The operating FS pressure range may be exceeded by the following multiples with negligible effect on calibration:
  • 8 x for ranges up to 1.5 mH2O
  • 6 x for ranges above 1.5 to 3.5 mH2O
  • 4 x for ranges above 3.5 mH2O (1400 mH2O max.)
Pressure containment
  • 10 x for ranges up to 3.5 mH2O gauge
  • 6 x for ranges above 3.5 mH2O gauge (1400 mH2O maximum)
  • 200 bar for absolute ranges
Media compatibility Fluids compatible with titanium (body), acetyl (nose cone) and polyurethane or Hytrel® 6108 (cable assembly)
Excitation voltage PTX 1800 (mA)
9 to 30 V
The minimum supply voltage (VMIN) which must appear across the pressure transmitter terminals is 9 V and is given by the following equation:
VMIN = VSUP - (0.02 x RLOOP)
Where VSUP is supply voltage in Volts, and RLOOP is total loop resistance in Ohms
Pulse power excitation

Recommended power-on time before output sample:
30 ms

Output signal PTX 1800
4 to 20 mA, proportional for zero to FS pressure
Performance specification
Accuracy Combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability:
  • Standard: ±0.1% FS BSL maximum
  • Option D: ±0.06% FS BSL maximum (±0.08% FS BSL max. for 1 mH2O and below)
Zero offset and span setting PTX 1800
Maximum: ±0.04 mA
Long-term stability ±0.1% FS per annum
Operating temperature range -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Compensated temperature range -2 to 30°C (28 to 86°F)
Temperature effects ±0.3% FS Temperature Error Band (TEB) for 3.5 mH2O range and above

±0.6% FS TEB for ranges below 3.5 mH2O


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