Siemens LU02 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Siemens SITRANS LU02 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

  • Long-Range Level Monitoring Controller for liquids and solids both in one or two vessels up to 60m (200ft)
  • Superior Reliability Ultrasonic technology to measure level, space, distance, volume or average/differential
  • No External Gateway Required Reduces hardware and cabling costs
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The SITRANS LU02 is a dual point ultrasonic long-range level transmitter for liquids and solids in one or two vessels up to 60 m (200 ft). It will measure liquids, solids or a combination of both in one or two vessels of different sizes, shapes and configurations up to a distance of 60 m (200 ft). The system uses ultrasonic technology to measure level, space, distance, volume or average/differential. Transducers can be mounted up to 365 m (1200 ft) from the monitor.Readings are displayed in user-selectable linear engineering units on the backlit LCD. The LU 02 ultrasonic transmitter features patented Sonic Intelligence® echo processing software which gives superior reliability

The Siemens LU02 features an onboard communications port that automatically configures for RS-232, RS-485 or bi-polar current loop. Siemens SmartLinx® interface modules can be used to connect to a DCS or PLC. This gives the user remote 2-way communication and full parameter access. Modules for popular industrial buses can be factory installed or added later to meet changing needs. As the unit doesn't require an external gateway, hardware and cabling costs are reduced.. ( Handheld programmer shown is an accessory and must be ordered


  • Dual point, long-range level monitoring
  • Easy to install; easy to program using removable infrared keypad (optional)
  • Backlit LCD display with reading in standard engineering units
  • Automatic level-to-volume conversion for standard or custom tank shapes
  • Compatible with all Echomax® transducers
  • High/low alarms
  • Dolphin Plus and SmartLinx compatible

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: Siemens SITRANS LU02 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

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Chemical storage
Liquid storage
Plastic pellets
Tripper car
Bulk solids storage (gravel, flour bins, grains, cereals)


Mode of Operation
Measuring principle Ultrasonic level measurement
Measuring range 0.3 ... 60 m (1 ... 200 ft)
Measuring points SITRANS LU02 Max. two points
|Output Signal
Ultrasonic transducer Echomax series,
ST-H transducers
Relays 4 SPDT Form C relays, rated at
5 A at 250 V AC, resistive load
mA output 0/4 ... 20 mA, optically isolated
- Max. load 750 Ω, isolated, 30 V
- Resolution 0.1 % of range
- Outputs SITRANS LU02: Max. two mA outputs
Error in measurement 0.25% of range or 6 mm (0.24”), whichever is greater
Resolution 0.1% of measuring range or 2 mm (0.08”), whichever is greater
Temperature compensation -50 ... +150 °C (-58 ... +302 °F)
• Integral temperature sensor
• External TS-3 temperature
sensor (optional)
• Programmable fixed temperature
Rated operating conditions
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature for enclosure -20 ... +50 °C (-4 ... +122 °F)
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Material (enclosure) Polycarbonate
Degree of protection (wall mount) IP65
Electrical connection
Ultrasonic transducer cable
RG62-A/U coaxial cable with low
mA output signal 2-core copper conductor, twisted, shielded, 0.5 ... 0.75 mm²
(22 ... 18 AWG), Belden 8760 or equivalent is acceptable
Electrical connection and relay
Copper conductor according to local requirements, rated 250 V 5 A
Synchronization Up to 16 LU01/LU02 units can be synchronized together
Power supply
AC model 100/115/200/230 V AC ± 15%, 50/60 Hz, 31 VA
DC model 18 ... 30 V DC, 25 W
Displays and controls 51 x 127 mm (2 x 5") graphics LCD with backlighting
Memory EEPROM (non-volatile), no backup battery required
Programming Using removable programmer (ordered separately) or Dolphin Plus (option)
Certificates and approvals CE, CSAUS/C, FM, ATEX II 3D
Lloyd's register of Shipping (Categories ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 and ENV5)
External temperature sensor TS-3
Communications • SmartLinx: protocol-specific modules as interface for popular
industrial fieldbus systems
• Dolphin Plus: Siemens Windows-compatible interface and ComVerter link (infrared)



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