Water Quality Management for Fish Farms

"RS Hydro work closely with aquaculturists to provide fish pond management systems tailored to their specific needs. Our water quality sensor and control systsms ensure that you can live and work with the confidence that your fish stock is developing at its optimum rate."

Fish live, breathe, feed, grow, repoduce and excrete wastes within water are therefore totally susceptible to changes in water quality. For fish to maintain an optimum level of health, avoid stress or disease then the water quality of the water must be monitored anc controlled 24/7. Fish become stressed when key water quality parameters such as temperature, pH nitrgenous waste, dissolved oxygen and salinity are not kept with specified thresholds.

RS Hydro provide a range of manual and automated water quality monitoring instruments that can montior and control the parameters that affect the physical condition of aquatic animals and hence the profitability of fish farms.