Orion VERSA STAR Conductivity Benchtop Meter

  • Informative Display Shows readings, connections, time, date, sample ID, user ID and calibration information
  • large Memory Holds up to 2000 data points
  • User Friendly Five modules to customize the four channels as required
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The Thermo Scientific Orion™ VERSA STAR™ Conductivity Benchtop Meter measures conductivity, TDS, salinity or resistivity with temperature measurements. All information is displayed on its display showing readings, connections, time, date, sample ID, user ID and calibration. User friendly language with screen prompts makes updates and selection an easy process. Up to 2000 data points can be stored all with time and date stamps in the non-volatile memory. Data analysis software is used to provide transfer of stored data and also for displaying readings in real time.

There are many handy features of the VERSA STAR™ and these are:

  • Five modules to customize the four channels as required
  • Multilanguage interface that supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese
  • Two USB and RS232 ports for the ease of data transfer and updating meter software
  • Direct control for two Orion Star stirrer probes (096019, sold separately) for mixing samples without a stir plate
  • Electrode arm and newly designed probe holder makes it easier to maintain and place probes into samples
  • Universal power adapter that works with almost every AC power source
  • IP54-rated housing handles splashes

VERSA STAR Conductivity Module, VSTAR-CND:

  • Selectable conductivity reference temperatures of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25°C with linear, non-linear nLFn, non-linear nLFu and EP curve options
  • Choice of practical salinity or natural sea water curves for salinity

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Orion VERSA STAR Conductivity Benchtop Meter

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Accuracy (Conductivity) 0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Accuracy (Resistivity) 0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Accuracy (Salinity) ±0.1ppt
Accuracy (TDS) 0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Calibration Points Up to 6
Cell Constant 0.001 to 199.9cm¹
Compatible Probes 2-cell or 4-cell conductivity with built in temperature
Data Points 2000
Description Orion VERSA STAR Benchtop Meter with VSTAR-CND Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity/Temperature Module
Display Type Color graphic LCD with user-customizable options
Hertz 50/60Hz
Inputs 8-pin Mini-DIN (conductivity with temperature probe), 2 stirrer inputs
Log Edit Type Delete individual points, delete group of points or delete all
Log Function Type Manual, ready (includes AUTO-READ), timed
Outputs USB, RS232
Power Supply Universal 90-260 VAC (included)
Range (Conductivity) 0.001 µS/cm to 3000 mS/cm
Range (Resistivity) 2 ohm to 100 meg-ohm
Range (Salinity) 0.01 to 80.0 ppt NaCl equivalent; 0.01 to 42 ppt practical salinity
Range (TDS) 0 to 200ppt
Relative Humidity Range 5 to 85 %, non-condensing
Resolution (Conductivity) 0.001 µS minimum, 4 significant digits minimum
Resolution (Resistivity) 2ohms-cm
Resolution (Salinity) 0.01ppt
Resolution (TDS) 4 significant digits
Sensor Types 2-cell or 4-cell conductivity probe - purchase separately
Accuracy (Temperature) ±0.1°C
Temperature Compensation Linear, nLFn (non-linear ultra pure water), nLFu (non-linear ultra pure degassed water), EP (off with warning) or off
Range (Temperature) -5 to 105°C
Resolution (Temperature) 0.1°C
Voltage 90 to 260VAC
Warranty 3 year meter replacement
Salinity Measurement Modes Practical salinity or natural sea water (NaCl equivalent)
TDS Factor Range Linear 0.01 to 10.00
Certifications/Compliance IP-54
Temperature (Metric) Reference 5, 10, 15, 20, 25°C
Electrical Requirements 90 to 260VAC 50/60Hz