NexSens CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy

  • Measures wave height, period & direction
  • Designed for drifting, tethering or mooring applications
  • Supports a variety of environmental sensors
  • Autonomous battery & solar power
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The CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy by NexSens Technology offers the latest in real-time wave observations in a compact, affordable, and easy to deploy platform. At 18” hull diameter and less than 30 lb. (13.6kg) weight, it can be used for drifting, tethering or mooring applications. The buoy accurately measures wave height, period, direction, and more using SeaView Systems’ industry-leading SVS-603 sensor, relied upon in buoy networks by NOAA and many others throughout the world. External sensor ports with wetmate connectors support GPS, meteorological, and water quality sensors for maximum flexibility.

The buoy is constructed of an inner core of cross-linked polyethylene foam with a tough polyurea skin. A rechargeable battery with integrated solar panels power the wave buoy continuously, and all electronics are housed in a quick-removable waterproof package with wet-mate connectors. Three 1.5” pass-through holes facilitate cable routing of underwater sensors.

Available with integrated 4G cellular or Iridium satellite communications, the CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy sends data in real-time to the cloud-based WQData LIVE datacenter. In a basic configuration, this free service allows users to securely access and analyse data, as well as share data through an API or auto-report. Subscription-based tiers of WQData LIVE are also available for advanced reporting, alarming, and data management.

Manufactured by: NexSens
Model: NexSens CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy

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Wave Sensor: SeaView Systems SVS-603HRi
Available Wave Parameters: Significant wave height, dominant period, wave direction, mean wave direction and more
Range: Wave Height: 0.2-20m; Wave Period: 1.5-20 seconds; Wave Direction: 0-360°
Resolution:  Wave Height: 0.001m; Wave Period: 0.001 seconds; Wave Direction: 0.001°
Accuracy: Wave Height: +/- 0.5cm; Wave Period: <1%; Wave Direction: +/-2°
Diagnostic Sensors: Internal temperature (-40C to 85C, 0.1C resolution, ±0.3C accuracy); Humidity (0% to 100%, 0.1% resolution, ±4% accuracy from 5 to 95% RH & -20 to 70C); Battery voltage
Optional Water Sensors: Surface temperature, single-parameter sensors, multi-parameter sondes
Optional Atmospheric Sensors:  Single and multi-parameter weather sensors
Optional Position Sensor: Marine GNSS receiver or standalone asset tracking device
Sensor Interfaces: SDI-12, RS-232 (3 channels), RS-485
Sensor Ports: (2) External sensor ports, expandable using splitters
Battery 12 VDC sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, 6.0 A-Hr
Solar Power (3) 4-watt 12 VDC solar panels
Serial Interface: Direct RS-485 via USB adapter (for setup)
Wi-Fi Interface: 802.11b/g/n (for setup)
Cellular: 4G: LTE Bands B2(1900), B4(1700), B5(850), B12(700ac), B13(700c)
Iridium Satellite: Short Burst Data (SBD) 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz
Cloud Datacenter: WQData LIVE web portal with auto data export to NDBC, GLOS, and others (configurable on web portal)
Data Logging: 256MB microSD card (expandable up to 32GB)
Hull Dimensions: 18” (45.72cm) outside diameter; 11” (27.94cm) tall
Tower Dimensions: 8” (20.32cm) tall, triangular
Center Hole Dimension: 5.5" (13.97cm) inside diameter
Weight 30 lbs. (13.61 kg)
Net Buoyancy:  25 lbs. (11.34 kg)
Hull Material: Cross-linked polyethylene foam with polyurea coating & stainless steel deck
Hardware Material: 316 stainless steel
Mooring Attachments (4) 3/8” eye nuts
Operating Temperature:  -20C to 70°C
Warranty:  12 months. See terms at
Place of Manufacture: Ohio & Michigan, USA
Field Verification: Tested and verified by LimnoTech, Ann Arbor, MI