ORI MLOG ATEX multi-parameter data logger

  • Multi-parameter Monitoring System Features 2 x digital sensor and / or 1 x 4 - 20ma sensor inputs
  • Large Recording Memory 130,000 data sets
  • Multiple Communication Options Communication available via RS 232, bluetooth, and GSM / GPRS (optional)
  • Easy-to-Use Programming Makes site setup and deployment easy to achieve
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The Mlog multi-parameter data logger makes a great companion to your ATEX water quality sampling practice or as a standalone system. As a standalone water quality / level monitoring system the logger can be used for applications such CSO, Point source pollutants and surface water measurement. the data loggers main aim is to remain practical and functional for many of the users needs.With RS232, bluetooth and GSM GPRS options available to MLOG can be used as a handheld device through to been installed in applications for short to long term deployments. The intuitive software allows for the MLOG to be programmed in a short period of time and deployed with confidence in some of the most difficult applications.

Key Features

  • ATEX monitoring of pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and water level
  • Data collection via RS232, bluetooth, GSM / GPRS
  • GPS location detection
  • OLED display for status and reading updates
  • Suitable from handheld to long term in-situ monitoring

Manufactured by: ORI
Model: ORI MLOG ATEX multi-parameter data logger

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