Proteus P Multiparameter Water Quality Monitor

  • Self Cleaning Integral wiper cleans optical sensors before every cycle
  • Range of Power Options Use either an internal Lithium battery pack or external power source (battery, mains or solar)
  • Virtually Maintenance Free Fully serviceable in the field
  • Easy Integration Easily integrated with telemetry/SCADA sytems and other datalogging devices
  • Warranty 2 years (includes all sensors except ISE's)
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An industry-leading multi-parameter, real-time sensor platform (portable or permanent) that accurately and reliably measures multiple water quality parameters in pressurised pipes.

The Proteus P is the world’s first self-cleaning water quality sensor platform that can be installed almost anywhere without power. The Proteus P can measure a wide range of parameters including turbidity, temperature, conductivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, faecal coliforms and more. The Proteus P measures your choice of parameter, all in one package and can deliver data in the toughest field conditions. The Proteus has been designed for it’s ease of use, reliable data and economical operation.

Easy integration: the Proteus P can be effortlessly integrated with telemetry/SCADA systems and other datalogging devices with external RS232/Modbus/SDI12 or simply by using it’s internal datalogger. The integrated datalogger can log 1,000,000 readings and it can be used with Tablets/Mobile Phones over Bluetooth or comms cable.

Measure bacteria/coliforms: The Proteus P is the first instrument globally that has the potential to measure bacteria/coliforms in drinking water in real time. Improved process control: Let the Proteus P monitor multiple process parameters 24/7.

Self cleaning: As it is essential that optical sensors have a cleaning mechanism, the Proteus P is also supplied with an integral wiper which cleans all of the Proteus’ optical sensors before every measurement cycle.

Virtually maintenance free: The system is fully serviceable in the field and requires almost no maintenance. Logs and uploads data unattended minimizing manpower requirements and safety issues.

Multiple power options: Power can be provided by the internal lithium battery pack for unattended logging, or an external power source (battery, mains or solar).

Parameters include:

  • Faecal Coliforms
  • Turbidity
  • Pressure
  • ORP / Redox
  • EC / Salinity / TDS
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Chloride
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Tryptophan
  • Refined Oils
  • Ammonium
  • Crude Oils
  • CDOM

Manufactured by: Proteus Instruments
Model: Proteus P Multiparameter Water Quality Monitor

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  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Background Pipeline Water Quality Monitoring
Level of Service Monitoring
Mains Rehabilitation Monitoring
Pipeline Flushing
Faecal Coliform Ingress Monitoring
Groundwater Water Quality Monitoring
Survey tool combined with Bluetooth


General Specifications - Proteus 35
Diameter 89 mm (3.5")
Length - w/o Battery Pack 483 mm (19")
Weight - with IBP 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs)
Number of Sensors Up to 7
Battery Pack 3 Lithium “C” cells

General Specifications - Proteus 40
Diameter 102 mm (4.00”)
Length - w/o Battery Pack 483 mm (19")
Weight - with IBP 4.5 kg (10.0 lbs)
Number of Sensors Up to 9
Battery Pack 8 Lithium “C” cells

General Specifications - All Versions
Internal Power Battery Life 1 to 24 month depending on sensors / logging rates
External Power 5-15 vdc
Operating Temperature -5 to 50 °C
Depth Rating 200 m
Communications RS-232, SDI-12, USB or Bluetooth
Sample Rate 1 Hz
Data Memory >1,000,000 logged readings
Logging Rates >1 second (1 min if using internal remote telemetry)
Warranty 2 years*
* All sensors included except ISE’s (Ammonia/nitrate/chloride)



TDS is only relevant in freshwater systems as salinity will dramatically increase the conductivity and therefore apparent TDS.
All our sensors come with a standard 24-month warranty and there is also the option to purchase an extended warranty