TriBox2 - Measurement and Control System

  • Suitable for all TriOS sensors plus various 3rd party units
  • Can be used with up to 2 sensors also extend to a full monitoring system for a range of sensors
  • Low Power Consumption
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TriBox2 is the latest measurement and control system for all TriOS sensors. This unit can be used with up to 2 sensors and can also be extended to a full monitoring station with a wide range of sensors using various accessories especially for the TriBox2 system. This system is suitable for all applications in environmental monitoring, drinking water, waste water treatment plants and many other areas. By using a USB stick, WiFi or GSM modem, you can up/download logged data, calibration folders and software updates.

This device is constructed out of alluminium and has a low power consumption making it extremely hard-wearing and reliable.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: TriBox2 - Measurement and Control System

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Industrial PC (ARMCORE) with embedded Windows CE 5.0
Graphic colour LCD screen (320x240) with touch panel
2 GB Memory Card
1 USB service port (data exchange, software update)
2 serial ports (RS232) for sensors
1 network port
1 USB for extension box connection
1 relay (user programmable functionality)
1 Compressed air valve for cleaning
Aluminium case