• Designed to Protect Sensors even in harsh on-board use
  • Versatile Construction can be mounted to suit different set ups
  • Suitable for Various RAMSES and TriOS Sensors
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These Frames are designed specifically for Ramses Radiometers. They are especially made for vessel sensors to ensure they are stable and precise. With these special frames RAMSES radiometers, as well as various other TriOS sensors, can be mounted securely in various positions to suit any job. The robust and reliable construction of stainless steel will protect any sensor, withstanding the harshest environments.

These frames are extremely versatile allowing different set ups for many applications. For example, they are ideal for on-ship usage, remote sensing reflection measurements and satellite data validations.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Frames

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Frame 1

for 2 RAMSES radiometers

Frame 2

for 2 RAMSES Radiometers and additional data storage module or third party sensor, 10 x 10 reflectance plate, levelling screws for fixed platforms

Frame 3 suitable for microflu, props and many others,