LISA - SAC254 Probe

  • UV-LED Technology innovative design to ensure a long life span
  • Optical Path Lengths customize path length to suit almost every application
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LISA is the new innovative SAC254 probe with UV-LED technology and rugged construction resulting in maximum flexibility and a long life span. As well as this it includes an intuitive user interface via a Web browser and a compressed air cleaning system to drastically reduce maintenance.

Their exteriors can withstand the harshest environments, such as water with a high chlorine concentration. LISA is available with optical path lengths of 1, 2, 5 or 10 mm to cover almost every application.

The use of a second wavelength offers automatic internal turbidity correction of the SAC value. As this probe correlates with the SAC254, this means it can be used to determine online measurements for COD and BOD. Not only this, but this can be done at the fraction of the cost to other SAC254 probes.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: LISA - SAC254 Probe

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Wavelength 254 nm
Detector Silica Photodiode
Light Source UV Led
Power Supply 9 - 28 VDC
Constructed stainless steel or titanium
Weight in Air 1.2kg
Operating Temperature 0 - 40C



SAC 254 Measuring Range (1/m) Detection Limit (1/m)  
LISA 1mm-path 0-1500 5  
LISA 2mm-path 0-750 2.5  
LISA 5mm-path 0-300 1  
LISA 10mm-path 0-150 0.5  
LISA 50mm-path 0-30 0.1