OPUS UV/VIS Spectral Analyser

OPUS UV/VIS Spectral Analyser

  • Includes Built in 'Police Function' triggers alarms if spectral signatures change unexpectedly
  • Nano Coated Lenses to ensure long-life out on the field
  • New Innovative G2 Interface configure the OPUS to fit your needs
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OPUS is the latest generation of photometer for online analysis of organic loads and nitrogen components.

The TriOS range includes a unique 'police function' which allows you to monitor unexpected spectral signatures. When detected the OPUS triggers an alarm and protects your application. As well as this, it uses the TriOS G2-interface, meaning within minutes you can configure your OPUS to fit you needs through the web. With wireless network accoessories you can control the OPUS through any device using wifi without the need of downloading any apps.

There are a variety of interfaces and protocols available producing a versatile sensor to fit your needs. Select outputs, enter calibration factors or start measurements fast and easy. The built in data logger and analysis module allows even stand-alone applications in the field.

OPUS is able to give fast, reliable readings for N03-N, N02-N, CODeq, BODeq, TOCeq, TSSeq, HS and various other parameters.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: OPUS UV/VIS Spectral Analyser

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Environmental Monitoring
Drinking Water Monitoring
Industrial Applications


Detector Type high-end miniature spectrometer, 256 channels UV: 200-360nm @ 0.8nm/pixel UV/VIS: 200-720nm @ 2.2nm/pixel
Light Source Xenon-flashlamp
Telemetry Interface

network TCP/IP

RS-232/RS485, various protocols (e.g. Modbus, TriOS)

Power Supply 9 - 28 VDC
Housing Stainless Steel (1.4571) or titanium
Optical Pathlengths 1mm, 2mm, 5mm or 10mm
Dimensions d= 48mm, length= 460mm
Depth Range 300m
Connector SubConn micro series 8 pin male or fixed cable with M12 industrial connector
Operation Temperature 0 - 40C ( internal temperature sensor)
Memory 2 GB internal micro-SD card
Cleaning nano coated lenses, airblast