ProPS UV Photometer

  • Optical Pathlengths customize pathlengths to suit almost any application
  • Low Maintenance Costs no chemicals or cleaning solvents needed
  • Depth Rating upto 1000m (clearwater), 500m (wastewater)
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The ProPS UV Photometer can be submersed to analyse chemical free substances. It combines a high precision UV transmission measurement with mathematical spectral analyzing software. This then provides single substance concentrations from natural or artificial samples.

ProPS is a cost effective and advanced way to receive online measurements of nitrate, CODeq and TOCeq as well as many other parameters.

Their are additional calibration functions on offer and can easily be installed without the need to purchase new hardware. It is versatile suiting a wide range of applications. This includes adjustable path length and air cleaning system making it simple and easy to use.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: ProPS UV Photometer

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Wavelength Range 200 - 360nm
Detector Type UV Spectrometer
Constructed stainless steel or titanium
Depth Rating 1000m (CW), 500m (WW)
Measurements 6.8cm x 52cm
Operation Temperature 0 - 30C, 32 - 86C
Power Requirements 10.26 VDC
Approx. Weight in Air