Ramses-ASC-VIS Irradiance Sensor

  • Simultaneously Uses 2 Sensors more precise measurements
  • Low Power Consumption suitable for hand-held and autonomous applications
  • Latest Technology with Nanocoating can withstand harsh environmental conditions
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The Ramses-ASC Irradiance Sensor is the stand alone hyper-spectral radiometer for the UV/VIS spectral range. This radiometer uses 2 sensors simultaneously resulting in a more accurate measurement of 4 Pi scalar irradiance.

This sensor has been designed in a smaller size with very low power consumption making it suitable for hand held use or autonomous applications. It has technical advancements to combine precision hyper-spectral light measurement with maximum flexibility.

Ramses-ASC-VIS is used in many applications such as water quality monitoring, field measurements, satellite data vailidation, colour measurements and climatology.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Ramses-ASC-VIS Irradiance Sensor

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Wavelength Range 320 - 950nm
Detector Type 256 channel silicon photodiode array
Spectral Sampling 3.3nm/pixel
Spectral Accuracy 0.3nm
Usable Channels 190
Collector Type spherical detector
Accuracy better than 5%
Integration Time 4 ms - 8sec
Telemetry Data Interface RS232
Data Rate 1200 - 19,200 baud
Power Requirements 1.5 - 11 VDC
Weight in Air 1.0kg (stainless steel)
Depth Range 300m
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C
Size 4.83cm x 26cm

SubConn micro 5 pin, male