Thermo Scientific Eutech Elite ORP Pocket Tester

  • On the go solutions for water analysis
  • IP67 waterproof rating
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The Eutech Elite ORP pocket tester features a simultaneous display of the redox measurement with temperature. Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) or Redox potential measurements are used to monitor chemical reactions, to quantify ion activity, or to determine the oxidizing or reducing properties of a solution. Ideal for applications such as hydroponics, food & beverage, environmental, drinking water, wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture & aquariums, pools & spas, education, and industrial (cooling towers).

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Thermo Scientific Eutech Elite ORP Pocket Tester

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Food & beverage
Drinking water
Wastewater, agriculture
Aquaculture & aquariums
Pools & spas,
Industrial (cooling towers)


ORP/RMV Range -1000 to 1000 mV
Resolution ±1 mV
Relative Accuracy ±2 mV ±1 LSD
Calibration Points One
Calibration Window ±200 mV
Calibration Type Off Set
Temperature Range 0 to 60.0 °C / 32.0 to 140.0 ºF
Resolution 0.1 ºC / 0.1 ºF
Accuracy NA
Compensation Manual
Calibration Window Calibration
Accessories Replacement sensor, soft carry case, lanyard, clear sample/storage cap, AAA batteries, calibration bottles