Eutech TN100 Turbidimeter

  • Available for Rental Next day delivery available (stock permitting)
  • Measurement Range Turbidity measurement range from 0 to 1000 NTU
  • Warranty There is a two year meter warranty on the TN100
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The TN100 Turbidimeter from Eutech Instruments is the ideal meter for on the go turbidity measurement. It comes complete with a handy carrying case, calibration kit with 4 calibration standards and 3 sample vials.

This waterproof IP67 rated meter uses an infra-red light source to provide laboratory accuracy with a resolution of 0.01 NTU across an extended range of up to 20 NTU. Calibration is easy with the 4-point push-button calibration. Readings are easily viewed on the large display with user-friendly message codes making troubleshooting easy.

From a single set of AAA alkaline batteries, the power saving feature of the TN 100 allows over 1200 measurements to be taken.

The TN100 is covered by a two year meter warranty.

Manufactured by: Eutech Instruments
Model: Eutech TN100 Turbidimeter

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Drinking water
Beverage production
Swimming pools


Principle of Operation Nephelometric non-ratio (conformance to ISO 7027 and DIN EN 27027)
Turbidity Range 0 to 1000 NTU
Resolution 0.01 NTU (0 to 19.9 NTU)
0.1 NTU (20.0 to 99.9 NTU)
1 NTU (100 to 1000 NTU)
Accuracy ± 2% of reading ± 1 LSD for 0 to 500 NTU
± 3% of reading ± 1 LSD for 501 to1000 NTU
Repeatability ± 1% of reading or ± 0.01 NTU
No. of Calibration Points 4 points (automatic)
Response Time < 6 seconds for full step change
Calibration Standards 0.02 NTU; 20.0 NTU; 100 NTU; 800 NTU
Standardization EPA-approved polymer-based primary standards
Light Source Life > 1,000,000 tests
Light Source Infrared-emitting diode (850nm wavelength)
Special Functions Auto-Ranging; Self-diagnostic
Power Requirements 4 x 1.4V batteries, > 200 hours