NEP9000/9500 Turbidity Probe

  • Standard And Custom Ranges Available standard ranges are 100NTU, 400NTU and 1000NTU plus custom range up to 3000NTU
  • ISO7027 Compliant Probes use 90 optics and employ infared light in accordance with ISO7027
  • Housing Options Acetal housing or stainless steel housing dependent on application specifics
  • Official UK Distributor for McVan
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The ANALITE turbidity probe is available in standard ranges of 100NTU, 400NTU and 1000NTU with specific custom ranges available for up to 3000NTU. The NEP390 series of turbidity probe offers digital outputs of SDI-12 and/or RS232.

The ANALITE NEP9000 non wiping turbidity probes are specific to fast and cold running water or in short monitoring deployment applications where bio-fouling will not build up and obscure the optics. However, if bio-fouling or sedimentation build up is unlikely the ANALITE NEP9500 turbidity probe is the ideal model. The turbidity probe comes complete with an integral wiper assembly specifically designed to cope with bio-fouling or sedimentation build up. Standard ANALITE NEP9000 and NEP9500 series turbidity probes with their acetal housing are fully functional to the submerged depth of 50 metres (165 feet). If a greater depth of up to 100 meters (330 feet) is required there is the option of stainless steel housing. This is not recommended for deployment in salty or acidic water due to possible impact of crevice corrosion.

The ANALITE NEP9000 and NEP9500 turbidity probes use 90° optics and infrared light in accordance with ISO7027. Unique modulation techniques almost totally reject ambient light conditions along with a unique microprocessor controlled differential sample and hold circuit for enhanced performance particularly at low turbidity levels.

The ANALITE NEP9000 and NEP9500 turbidity probes are suitable for an extensive range of turbidity monitoring applications however, the model and option which is best suited is dependant to the specific application, the measuring environment, the logging equipment and the monitoring period/deployment times required.

Manufactured by: McVan
Model: NEP9000/9500 Turbidity Probe

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Monitoring of streams and rivers
Monitoring of water storage bodies including stratification studies
Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
Hydrological run off studies
Ground and bore water analysis
Drinking and recycled water filtration efficiency
Industrial process monitoring


Technique 90° modulated infra-red (ISO7027).
Ranges 100, 400 and 1,000NTU range selected at time
of order. Other range values available at additional
cost - up to 3,000NTU.
Resolution Range
Repeatability ±1% at 25°C for 100NTU and 400NTU.
±2% at 25°C for 1,000NTU
Linearity Better than 1% for 100NTU and 400NTU,
better than 5% for 1,000NTU.
Temp. Coefficient Better than ±0.05%/°C
Outputs ±2.5V over range.
4 - 20mA, 0 - +2.5V and 0 - +1V
ranges also available to order.
Zero Offset Less than ±3mV (0 to 40°C, ±2.5V output)
Calibration Factory calibrated using non-toxic AEPA polymer
Power 9.6 - 28V dc, 15mA ON. 40mA when wiping for NEP9500 models only (at 30m submersion).
Settling Time < 5 second after application of power to 99%.
Wiping For NEP9500 models only.
Initiated by momentarily (>50msecs and
<500msecs) bringing the wiper actuation conductor to the 0V conductor. By permanently terminating the wiper actuation conductor to 0V will initiate a wipe every 2 hours and on power-up.
During a wipe, the output remains within ±1% full scale of the turbidity value just prior to the wipe.
Wipe Time 8 seconds nominal.
Weight NEP9000 models - 120gms probe only, 100gms marine connector plus 70gms per meter of cable.
NEP9500 models - 180gms probe only, 100gms marine connector plus 70 gms per meter of cable.
Add 200 grams for optional stainless steel casing.
Construction Acetal casing (suffix P added to part number) with
composite optic face and cable/connector end
piece. Cable is glanded directly from the rear of
the probe via an integrated plastic strain relief (add
suffix G to part number) or cable connection via
7-way waterproof connector (add suffix M to part
A 316 stainless steel casing option (add suffix S to
part number) is available at addition cost to give a
pressure rating of 100m (330ft).
Cable 5 core + shield, 6mm dia. PUR sheath.
Conductor resistance 45 ohms per km.
Weight - 70 grams per meter.
Cable Length To order - 99m (330ft) maximum
Depth Rating 50m (165ft).
100m (330ft) for optional stainless steel casing
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C.
Storage Temperature -20°C to 50°C.
Accessories NEP-WIPE - Wiper replacement kit comprising of 4 silicon wipers and a hex fastening key. For use on the NEP9500 models only as well as NEP195,
NEP395 and NEP495 probes.
NEP19SHRD - Protective stainless steel shroud to suit the NEP9000 and NEP9500 models as well as the NEP190 and NEP195 probes.
NEP-CBL-xx - Cable only xx meters, maximum 99m. Required for G version probes.
NEP390-CA-xx - Connector and cable assembly required for M version. Cable length xx to be determined at time of order, maximum 99m.
Options Stainless steel (316) casing. Add suffix S to part
number. For environments that require greater
depth rating. Depth rating increased to 100 meters.
Marine Connector cable termination. Add suffix M to part number and refer to NEP390-CA-xx above.