EcoTestr-TDS High - Eutech instrumentation

EcoTestr TDS High

  • Accurate Manual calibration option for superb accuracy
  • Warranty This prroduct is covered by a 1 year meter warranty
  • Rugged and Sturdy IP67 rated casing for durability in the field
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If you require a economical and easy to use Total Dissolved Solids tester the EcoTestr TDS High is the ideal option, it allows a wide range of applications to be measured with up to ±1% full scale accuracy with adjustable TDS factors from 0.50 to 1.00. Calibrations are easy to carry out at the simple push of a button and manual calibarions can be selected for better accuracy with near-to-sample calibrations.

Other features of the EcoTestr TDS High which make this TDS tester the ideal option are the IP67 waterproof rated casing, click-lock battery compartment requires no tools for battery replacements, hold function which momentarily freezes readings for the ease of recording and a sensor protective cap that doubles up as a container for samples or calibration solution.

This pocket tester comes complete with a 1 year meter warranty.

Manufactured by: Eutech Instruments
Model: EcoTestr TDS High

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  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Water and wastewater treatment
Environmental monitoring
Aquaculture and aquariums
Pools and spas
Food and beverage manufacturing
Cooling towers
Photo-development and more!


.. to 10.00 ppt
Resolution 0.1 ppt
Accuracy ±1 % full scale (±2 % above 5 ppt)
Calibration points 1 (digital, push-button)
TDS Factor 0.50 to 1.00 (factory set to 0.71)
Non-Volatile Memory Yes
Hold Function Yes
Auto-Off 8.5 mins after last key pressed
LCD Display
3 1/2 digit with annunciator
Power 4 X 1.5 V ‘A76’ Micro alkaline batteries
Ingress Rating IP67 Waterproof
Dimensions; Weight
Boxed: 24.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 4.5 cm; 137 g


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Total dissolved solids (TDS) is a measure of the combined inorganic and organic substances dissolved in water. It is directly related to the electrical conductivity of water and as such can be used as an indication of change.
TDS is only relevant in freshwater systems as salinity will dramatically increase the conductivity and therefore apparent TDS.
TSS are particles that are larger than 2 microns found in the water column. Anything smaller than this is called a dissolved solid.