Solinst GSM/GPRS Telemetry System

  • Real-Time Data Cost-effective
  • Designed for retrieving data from Leveloggers
  • RS Hydro are sole UK/Irish Distributors
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The STS GSM/GPRS Telemetry System from Solinst was developed to provide an efficient and economical method to access remote data instantly. Designed for use with Leveloggers, the system creates a remote monitoring solution by combining quality data loggers, intuitive software with a choice of wireless communication options including: satellite, cellular and radio. All these features give the STS Telemetry System the flexibility to suit any project.


  • No data hosting
  • Easy to setup, operate and data management
  • Manage the data yourself
  • Reliable data transfer over the internet
  • Microsoft Access database

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst GSM/GPRS Telemetry System

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Remote or difficult-to-access locations
Hazardous or critically important sites
Long-term groundwater monitoring applications
Longer term pump tests
Drought and water taking management
Watershed management
Landfill and mine water supervision
Flood and stormwater management