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Proteus Instruments provide a range of compact wireless telemetry systems which can either come with integrated batteries, micro-solar panels or external AC or DC power connectivity; all solutions come with seamless integration options. The Proteus can be configured to provide SDI12, RS232 or Modbus outputs allowing users to monitor multi-parameter water quality readings either in real-time or near real-time. Our end-to-end solution helps water, industrial and environmental organisations to save money, increase efficiency, reduce downtime/failures and improve compliance.

Our systems are designed to provide ultimate user functionality and flexibility, allowing users to monitor their critical assets, manage their data and to integrate Proteus sensors into third-party applications such as SCADA, GIS and AI/data analytics services.

Our telemetry systems allow users to embed the game-changing Proteus into their own infrastructure networks with the minimum of effort.

Using the Vodafone GDSP network, Wildeyes work in the following countries.

Manufactured by: Proteus Instruments
Model: Proteus Telemetry Systems

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Wastewater process monitoring and control
Industrial Effluent Compliance Monitoring
Water treatment inlet monitoring and control
CSO/Surveillance/Pollution Monitoring
Point Source Pollution Monitoring
Bathing Water Monitoring
Long-term/Short-term monitoring of any water body
Event notification of threshold exceedances, pollution events


Technical Specification (Portable and Permanent)
Inputs Up to 40 parameters
Voltage Supply: 12V portable or 12VDC/110VAC/230VAC for telemetry kiosk
Battery Internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.
12v - 12amp/hr. Hot swappable.
Charge (for 12v systems) Solar Panel 10-20w, inbuilt solar
Operation Time Unlimited, depending on power supply and/or sunlight exposure, programme schedule
Serial Protocol SDI-12 master (up to 10 sensors)
Memory 300k readings regulator 12V, 6A
Comms GSM quad band—850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz (capable of GPRS, SMS, email, and FTP); 2G available SMA connector with stud antenna or optional external antenna for Tube 300RAntenna:
Aerial Internal or external bulkhead connector
Local Monitoring External power (Volts)
RTU voltage
Cellular Signal Strength
Clock Real-time clock/calendar – GMT adjusted.
Dimensions Portable - 387x394x260 mm;
Permanent - 430x330x200 mm
Weight Portable - 13kg;
Permanent - 11kg. Both include battery.
Operating Temperature -20degC to +80degC
IP Rating 66
PLC Option Requires 110/230VAC and provides modbus, ethernet and 4-20mA options.


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