Electronic Switch Pulse Input Adapter - 1 meter Sensor

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The Electronic Switch Pulse Input Adapter connects sensors with pulse outputs to data loggers with smart-sensor inputs. This Smart Sensor is compatible with electronic switch closures such as FET or open-collector outputs, or CMOS-level logic signals with a maximum input frequency of 120 Hz (120 pulses per second).

Manufactured by: Onset
Model: Electronic Switch Pulse Input Adapter - 1 meter Sensor

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Pulse input


Maximum input frequency 120 Hz (120 pulses per second)
Measurement range 0 – 65,533 pulses per logging interval
Resolution 1 pulse
Lockout time 45 µs ± 10%
Recommended input type Electronic solid state switch closure or CMOS-level digital output (example: FET, opto-FET or open collector)
Preferred switch state Active low input Normally open
Edge detection Falling edge, Schmitt Trigger buffer (logic levels: low ≤ 0.6 V, high ≥ 2.7 V)
Minimum pulse width 1 ms
Input/output impedance 100 KΩ
Open circuit input voltage 3.3 V
Maximum input voltage 3.6 V
User connection 24 AWG wires, 2 leads: white(+), black(-)
Operating temperature range -40° to 75°C (-40° to 167°F)
Overall cable length 1 m (3.3 ft.)
Housing Weatherproof PVC housing protects input adapter electronics
Housing dimensions 14 x 0.95 cm (5.5 x 0.375 in.)
Weight 310 g (11 oz.)
Bits per sample 16
Number of data channels 1
Measurement averaging option No (reports the number of pulses over the logging interval)