MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios

  • No IP Address Configuration Required
  • Built-In Site Survey Mode
  • FHSS Radios Operate & Sync Automatically
  • FlexPower Allows For 10-30Vdc, Solar & Battery Power
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Sure Cross MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices that are used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks. The system provides reliable communication across long distances and across difficult terrain. The network can cover many square miles with a raw bit rate of 300Kbps.

All radios can be configured as a master, repeater or slave radio. The master radio controls the overall wireless network so all the data is routed to and from the master. The repeater radios are slaves that also repeat whilst extending the range. The slave radios cannot repeat and are used at the endpoints of the network.

The MultiHop units have a built-in survey mode that enables rapid assessment of a locations RF transmission properties. Self-healing, auto-routing RF network with multiple hops also extends the networks range.

Manufactured by: Banner Engineering
Model: MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios

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