Multihop Modbus I/O Data Radios

  • Built in Discrete & Analog I/O
  • Selectable to Master, Repeater or Slave Radio
  • User Selectable Communication
  • Self-Forming & Self-Healing Networks
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MultiHop Modbus Data Radios extend the range of Modbus including other serial communication networks. Each radio can be set as a master, repeater or slave radio. The master radio controls the overall wireless network. The repeater radio extends the range of the wireless network whilst the slave radio is the end point of the wireless network.

The MultiHop networks are self-healing and self-forming including auto routing RF network with multiple hops that extend the networks range. The units are user-selectable communication between RS-485 and RS-232.

These model ranges are available with built in discrete and analog I/O which can be accessed using the modbus protocol.

Manufactured by: Banner Engineering
Model: Multihop Modbus I/O Data Radios

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