105/106 Velocity Current Meters

  • Resistance To Corrosion Instruments manufactured from titanium and polymers giving excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Low Cost, Lightweight Ideal alternative to larger open-channel flow meters
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Low cost, lightweight alternative to larger open-channel flow meters

  • Self recording/direct reading
  • Optional depth/temperature parameters
  • River-gauging, coastal & esturinal flow pattern surveys

The 105/106 is ideal for use in applications where the superior durability and depth rating of larger meters is not necessary. Utilising the standard 50mm and 125mm diameter impellers respectively, the Model 105 & 106 feature speed and direction parameters as standard, with further options of temperature and depth. The instruments are manufactured from titanium and polymers, giving excellent resistance to corrosion, whilst maintaining a small size and low weight. These features make the Model 105 & 106 the ideal instruments for coastal and estuarine applications, and other light duty survey work.

Manufactured by: Valeport
Model: 105/106 Velocity Current Meters

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Coastal and estuarine flow patterns
River gauging
Plankton surveys
Fisheries surveys
OV use

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