ISCO LaserFlow Non-contact Velocity Sensor (MCERTS) with 2160 Module

  • World's First Laser Flow Meter Single & Multi-Point Velocity Measurement
  • MCERTS Accredited Non-Contact Flow Meter
  • Quick & Easy Installation Can be installed from the surface.
  • Portable Flow Meter Connected to the Portable ISCO 2160 LaserFlow module for flow surveys and permanent installations
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LaserFlow Non-contact Velocity Sensor

Advanced laser Doppler technology for non-contacting area velocity flow measurement

The new ISCO LaserFlow Flowmeter is the first non contact open channel flow meter to use doppler velocity technology with integrated ultrasonic level sensor to measure flows in culverts, sewers and open channels. The LaserFlow uses a laser beam to measure velocities below the water surface at either single or multiple points. The obvious advantages of this new technology are set to completely revolutionise the world of flow measurement in wastewater and open channel flow applications.

The ISCO LaserFlow is perfect for a wide range of wastewater flow applications and can be utilised as a portable flow meter by connecting to the portable ISCO 2160 LaserFlow module for flow surveys and permanent installations. The flow meter continues to work even in submerged conditions by using the optional doppler ultrasonic area velocity flow sensor.

Installation is both quick and easy. With the LaserFlow's specially designed mounting bracket, it is possible to install or remove the sensor from above ground, therefore eliminating the need to enter confined spaces. With external communications protocols it is easy to attach an external wireless telemetry system to retrieve data on a regular basis. As with other ISCO flow meters, it is also possible to retrieve diagnostic data to support the actual flow measurement data.

Single- or Multipoint Measurement

The LaserFlow sets itself apart from any other flow meter with its ability to take velocity measurements at either single or multiple points below the water's surface. Multi-point velocity measurement allows a profile to be deduced and hence provide a very accurate flow measurement calculation.

MCERTS Flow Meter

The ISCO Laserflow is MCERTS certified (Class 2) meeting the Environment Agency's performance requirements. Class 2 MCERTS makes this the most accurate Doppler (non contact or wetted) based flowmeter under the MCERTS scheme for the self monitoring of effluent flow. View downloads for certificate.

Standard Features

The ISCO LaserFlow has multiple features as standard:

  • Non-contact velocity and level measurement
  • Single or Multiple Point velocity measurement below the liquid surface
  • Robust, submersible enclosure fulfills IP68 environmental requirements.
  • No deadband for the measurement of level or velocity
  • No requirement for manual velocity profiling
  • Bidirectional velocity measurement

Flow Applications

Applications are numerous and cover nearly every
  • Permanent and portable flow measurement for CSO, sewer flow monitoring, compliance monitoring.
  • Shallow flow measurement in large and small pipes.
  • Wastewater treatment plant influent, process, and effluent flow measurement.
  • Industrial process and discharge flow measurement
  • Stormwater conveyance and outfall
  • Irrigation canals and channels

Options and Accessories

Optionas available for ISCO LaserFlow include:

  • TIENet™ 350 Area velocity flow sensor suitable for submerged flow or redundant in-stream measurement
  • Sensor mounting kits and street-level retrieval tools

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Manufactured by: Teledyne ISCO
Model: ISCO LaserFlow Non-contact Velocity Sensor (MCERTS) with 2160 Module

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