Multi-Jet Water Meters

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An inferential multijet type turbine water flow meter for cold water, with a straight reading register. The super dry version with the complete register mechanism is mounted in a dry compartment.

The impeller rotates in a measuring chamber (distributor) with a double raw of of tangential holes. The chamber is made of self-cleaning synthetic resin. Versions available for both cold (30°C) or hot (90°C) water complete with pulse output.


  • The straight reading register operates in a dry compartment, which is under vacuum conditions. As a result the register always remains perfectly clear. Easy reading in any working conditions are ensured.
  • The turbine flow meter is suitable for operation in hard water and under conditions where deposits may occur, and also if there is sand in suspension.
  • Long operational life thanks to low rpm turbine and superior construction materials.
  • A suitable shield protects the magnetic drive against any interferences from external fields.
  • The hydraulic performance conforms to Class B of EEC standards.
  • Flow meter is supplied complete with couplings and may be installed in the horizontal or vertical position.
  • Different body lengths and versions for higher pressure available.
  • The Qn 15 water meter body has flanged ends. A version with BSP fittings is available.

Manufactured by: Delta Flowtech
Model: Multi-Jet Water Meters

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Hot and cold water


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