EcoPlug Well Cap

  • Range of Sizes Available EcoPlug is available in sizes to fit 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch well openings
  • Durable Manufactured from recycled composite glass filled polymer that will not corrode
  • Flexibility Center locking mechanism allowing it to be secured in a number of positions
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The EcoPlug is a highly durable well plug which is manufactured from recycled composite glass filled polymer. These recycled materials are stronger than steel, pound for pound and will not corrode. It is ideal for anyone looking for a well plug which will withstand many years of harsh use.

EcoPlug has better security over others in the market due to its increased surface area contact between its watertight rubber gasket and the well inner wall casing.

It features a center locking mechanism which allows it to be locked in a series of positions, providing extensive flexibility when space is limited.

EcoPlug can be easily disassembled for decontamination allowing repeat use without any hassle. The well plug also features a tethering attachment for attaching other instruments to the base and a has a wing nut design for ease of use.

No metal parts have been used in the manufacturing of the well plug.

Other features:

  • Chemical and temperature resistant properties
  • High visibility safety colour which is "eco-friendly"

Manufactured by: ETP
Model: EcoPlug Well Cap

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